Should lovebird siblings be allowed to mate?

Answer Tell your Dad or Mom that she is bullying you. Stay out of her way. Lock her in the coal shed or attic. Show her up in front of her friends when she makes a mistake. Tell her to shut up. There ... Read More »

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How to Keep a Lovebird As a Pet?

Lovebirds can be beautiful, entertaining pets. Keeping them can be rewarding, but you should consider several things before bringing a bird home:1. Lovebirds live well into their teens. Is such a c... Read More »

Lovebird Diet?

Lovebirds can be loving and intelligent pets. They are second smallest species of parrot, and they are easily trained and when they are socialized from a young age, they are very friendly toward hu... Read More »

Can a female lovebird have an egg without a male?

Female birds, including lovebirds, produce eggs when environmental conditions are just right. This includes an increase in daylight and lots of food. A male is not needed for a female lovebird to p... Read More »

How to Know If a Lovebird Is Male or Female?

Lovebirds are short, curious and playful members of the parrot family. They are called such because of their propensity to bond with, sit closely to and constantly groom their mate. Lovebirds are n... Read More »