Should legal action be taken for this?

Answer Legal action against a hospital can be tricky when it's something listed as "difficult to diagnose." I would contact a lawyer to just speak with them. Most hospitals have legal representation tha... Read More »

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Do you think legal action could be taken against this hospital (it's kind of long)?

YES YES AND YES - I asked other family members about your question who were here today - and my neighbour who is on the board of directors at our local hospital; She said, and I quote, "lawyer up."... Read More »

What Legal Action Can Be Taken If You Owe on Credit Cards?

Given the high interest rates and low minimum payments on some credit card accounts, it is relatively easy for a consumer to not realize he is too deep in credit card debt to escape until it is too... Read More »

How can a 17 year old get legal action taken against parents for cruelty and abuse?

The teenager would have to consult the state about the abuse that he/she was receiving, and the state would press charges. The teenager would be removed from his home, if he was still living there,... Read More »

What is this "legal notice of settlement of class action" facebook message i got about?

you didnt do anything wrong - facebook did - the email is just asking if you want to be considered in the class action lawsuit against them - the most you could get is $10 tho and you would have to... Read More »