Should laundry be allowed on condo decks?

Answer Whether or not laundry should be allowed on condo decks is a judgment call.However, you can read your governing documents to verify that laundry is allowed on your condominium deck, or is not allowed.

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Are barbeques allowed on decks?

It is generally illegal to use heavy grills, like propane grills, on balconies and terraces. Decks provide enough stability for types of grills in areas with at least ten feet of overhead clearance... Read More »

Who is responsible for the upkeep of condo decks...the homeowner or the association?

You can find the answer you want in your governing documents.Usually decks are called limited common area, and your assessments pay for the maintenance, protection and preservation of all real esta... Read More »

You have 2 Bichons and moved to a condo the condo association now says they have changed their rules and you are allowed one pet only They are refusing to grandfather your purchase under the original?

If you purchased the condominium when the rule allowed two pets, and afterward, the association adjusted its rules to limit the number of pets to one, you should be allowed to keep both animals bec... Read More »

Is there a condo organization in NJ that every condo building should be answering to?

Your first level of governance is your association's governing documents.There may be an organization in New Jersey that supports condominium associations.There appears to be a law in New Jersey th... Read More »