Should kids have a lounge?

Answer click on the name of your nightclub and click on the closed bit

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Should your school have a student lounge?

Yes, students often get strested and lose focuse on their work or teachers. With a lounge kids can study or get away from school and work, or work there without noisy kids or sounds.

Should people who have to ask on Y!A if they are pregnant not be allowed to have kids?

Only the ones that are asking in this manner:We didn't have sex. I'm a virgin. But we were foolin around. He ***'d in his shorts. Then touched it with his left hand. He touched me with his rig... Read More »

Is gold lounge suitable for kids?

Should kids have an iPhone 4?

depends on the kid. if u want ur kid to have an iphone, get a good case for it so it wont break. 5-8 ( age )probably not a good idea. 10- 16 yes, they should have one in my opinion (get a case- hig... Read More »