Should kids be allowed to go to the mall alone?

Answer At The MallI would say so. I say a good age for that is around 12 or so. At any rate, make sure they have a cell phone with them, that they are with siblings or friends, and they NEVER walk alone. ... Read More »

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Should kids be able to go to the mall without adult supervision?

It can be okay if your kid is under 13, they should have a phone on them. You need to be able to at least call them every 45 min - an hour every now or so. Let's say that there's only one friend wi... Read More »

Should grade 7 kids be allowed to date?

Grade 7 Children Datingit depends on the kid, if they express a desire to date, then you should meet the kid they want to date and approve or dissaprove of him. At first only allow them to go on gr... Read More »

Should kids be allowed on the internet at school?

If it''s using the internet to support school work or school related activities, then I would support that.

Should kids be allowed to play rated M games?

On One Hand: No, They Shouldn'tGames that are rated "M" by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) are designed for mature audiences, defined as 17 years or older. These games contain graphi... Read More »