Should kids be allowed to go anywhere they want with their friends?

Answer Maybe under adult supervision. but the parents need to trust their friend and their child might get ditched

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Should a 6th grader be allowed to go out to lunch with friends?

yeah if there's a adult with them and if they all with a person that is 16 or older

Are we allowed to give updates to out contacts and friends on here/?

Are kids allowed to have sex?

From the point of birth up to about the age of 18, a person's body and brain are still growing an maturing. If you think about it, when you talk to someone younger than yourself you can immediately... Read More »

Should kids be allowed to go to the mall alone?

At The MallI would say so. I say a good age for that is around 12 or so. At any rate, make sure they have a cell phone with them, that they are with siblings or friends, and they NEVER walk alone. ... Read More »