Should it plug it in the socket?

Answer Plug it in, plug it in!!!!

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I just spilt water on a plug socket. What should I do?

You could get a blow drier and plug it in at a different room using an extension cord, and blow hot air wherever it's wet. But it'll be safer not to use it a few hours after you dry it anyway.

Is it safe for me to plug a 4 socket surge protecter into a 2 socket stabilizer?

well seeing your not a blonde it should be safe !

The electrical plug socket has stopped working in the utility room . I've replaced the socket but ....?

Any chance it's on a separate fuse from the others? Check (carefully!) that power is getting to the wiring at the back of the socket

How many plug-strip daisy chains should I use to safely power 12 microwaves off one socket?

12, one for each microwave, oh & 1 for the fridge too