Should it be mandatory to label genetically altered food?

Answer On One Hand: Consumer's Right to ChooseA consumer should have the right to know what is in his food and how it is grown. It is the consumer's money and the consumer's health; he should be allowed t... Read More »

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What information on a food label is mandatory?

Consumer protection legislation mandates the display of specific types of information on food packages. The data are in various places on the product container, but the most useful information is i... Read More »

Do you think we've crossed the moral and ethical line by creating genetically altered babies?

That is disgusting. I think it's absolutely morally wrong to manipulate a thing like that. If you can't accept the child nature would give you then don't have children. What happens when your perfe... Read More »

What is so bad about genetically modified food?

The main concern people have is the ethical concern, and then we all have a really good reason to not trust that these foods are safe. Why? Because they are brought to us by Monsanto, which also an... Read More »

Is genetically modified food better to use in Canada?

(Please note that the question asks for an opinion; therefore, the responses given below contain personal views, not factual information.)Never Better GM Foods Genetically modified food is NOT bett... Read More »