Should i wait some time after filming the proprietary 12 minutes on my dslr?

Answer When your DSLR overheats, and it will, it will shut down, your done for the day then, because it will take several hours to get back to operational mode. Do a test shot, see what your recording ti... Read More »

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I have been waiting for about 30 minutes with this rinse in my hair should i wait a little longer?

No, You should not have waited that Long.

How much filming time will a 1GB get me?

Roughly 1 hour but it depends on resolution you set.

What would you recommend for first time DSLR Users?

Sony A200. Buy a D40 and you will be stuck with a camera body that doesn't even have an auto-focus motor. Useless when you want to expand you lens collection.The Sony A200 will take Sony, Minolta... Read More »

What time was it 2 hours 40 minutes ago?

i think is 2:00 and have a good time see ya