Should i wait some time after filming the proprietary 12 minutes on my dslr?

Answer When your DSLR overheats, and it will, it will shut down, your done for the day then, because it will take several hours to get back to operational mode. Do a test shot, see what your recording ti... Read More »

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I have been waiting for about 30 minutes with this rinse in my hair should i wait a little longer?

No, You should not have waited that Long.

What is the best DSLR and WHY Can you pls tell me some of the specifications in comparisson to other DSLR.?

Check first the other person opinion or suggestion then decide for yourself.GOOD LUCK.

How long should you wait to sleep after you eat?

4 hours, because the food we eat, it is a sub-4 hours after we eat it.If I sleep satiety. No discomfort relief comfortably.Should not eat before bed 4 hours on.

Can it harm if you go on sunbed for a few minutes at a time after treatment for breast cancer?

if u go in a tanning bed for 3 to 4 minutes it wouldnt do anything anyways..your very first time they start u off at 5 or 6. and you dont have to go tanning to get a little tan...try jergens lotion... Read More »