Should i wait or should i go now ?

Answer Get it checked out straight away, as it sounds as if you have a fracture there.When you have sorted this out, you might be able to make a claim from your parent's house insurance if you have a pro... Read More »

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Why we Indians always wait for someone to invent from west and wait to work for them proudly?

I thought we passed the era of such questions...

My computer will not load I wait and wait and it's still loading is it in the server?

I'd scan the computer, and make sure that the remote host network is fine. I have no problem loading right now

Your 15 and want a baby now but your boyfriend wants to wait til he can get out on his own its probably better to wait but what do you do?

Yes, it's better to wait. Finish school/college and get some qualifications and wait until you are sure that you have a stable relationship with him and have enough money and stuff

Sex or wait?

Well at 15 you may feel your ready for a lot of things. I'm not here to preach abstinence before marriage (half the people who say wait, loose it way before marriage) sex is a big decision, for bot... Read More »