Should i use google app engine or the downloadable android sdk to create apps?

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What are the top 5 apps for the Google android and iPhone?

Worlds best 5 android and iphone mobile apps are :Angry BirdsAir flight Control - Android (not avail on iOS, releasing on iphone soon) Ant SmasherBird Hunting - Android (not avail on iOS, releasing... Read More »

How to Create a Google Account With Google Email Apps?

If you own a business and use the Google Apps service from Google, you can create new user accounts and user email addresses from the Google Apps Dashboard page. When you create a new user account ... Read More »

How To Transfer Google Play Apps from PC onto Android?

Yes everything has already been installed to your phone. Just open the app drawer by clicking on the 4 white squares on top of the large blue square. You can find this button on the bottom of the s... Read More »

Android 1.5 neat apps like google sky map and apk file sites please Thanks?

You can download Doodle Jump from Android Market. But if you don't want to pay you can download a bad knockoff from the Internet, just search "Doodle Jump for Android"