Should i use ccleaner?

Answer Ccleaner is an excellent program.. there are no pop-ups.. you do not have to sign anything up.. it takes about 45 seconds to run.. download it.. It's a great "free" program !!

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Help with CCleaner please help!?

just let ccleaner delete what it wants to delete, it does not delete pics or anything like that, it deletes cookies, temp internet files etc

What is CCleaner?

Created by the London-based company Piriform, CCleaner is a software program used to clean computers of unwanted items. This small program can be installed on your computer system or installed and ... Read More »

How to Use Ccleaner?

CCleaner (AKA Crap Cleaner) is a useful tool for cleaning out accumulated internet or file waste. When reading this it is recommended that you read it through with the tips before deleting anything.

Need help with ccleaner ?

Why were your pics stored in temp files? There is a good article on Lifehacker that might help. Basically, the first step is stop doing what you are doing. Anything else you save might overwrite... Read More »