Should i upgrade 9600gt to 450 gts?

Answer The 9600 GT is one of the most powerful GPUs of its day - so much so that the 450 GTS would not offer much improvement. Even with triple the number of CUDA cores, the 450 GTS only offers about a 2... Read More »

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Is there a limit to how many times you can upgrade your skills on runes of magic I.E if i upgrade i skill so far will it limit how far i can upgrade another?

There is nothing to say that it would be a bad idea unless the person in question was using it for bad things. The application store has strict measures in place and no adult content is let through... Read More »

Should i upgrade or buy a new pc?

I would get a new box if you are satisfied with the moniter. Went this route one by upgrading more memory and found that I was throwing good money into bad.

What should i upgrade on my PC?

Sorry but 30 FPS does not count as playable, it might if you are just walking around or if you are playing a really sh1tty game like Call of Duty. You need at least 40-50 for it to be playable in a... Read More »

Should I upgrade to Vista?

if your operating system is fine, there's no need to upgrade.If you need the features included in ultimate (bit locker, support for 35 languages, shadow copy, etc), then upgrade.If you don't need t... Read More »