Should i try weed one more time?

Answer I used to smoke weed a lot when I was youner but as I grew up I realized it effected me negatively. It made me over think situations and caused my depression to get worse as well. But marijuana wor... Read More »

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Can you get high off weed the first time you try?

Hi, so weed is bad blah blah. Know your risks of getting caught an make sure you're in a smart spot. Also make sure you have refutable weed and that your dealer is reliable. Be safe. When you're sm... Read More »

My first time smoking weed?

Experimentation is fine, but you know what? Some things really aren't worth the ultimate trouble. I mean, every alcoholic had that first drink, every meth head had that first hit, every smoker ha... Read More »

How many grams of weed should I get (First time)?

I too am having a big 4/20 celebration (I've already started celebrating since last friday haha) and I would reccommend that if you're not planning on it already you be helped out by someone who kn... Read More »

First time smoking weed?

Do you really want to screw up your life? That is a pretty dumb thing to do. When you are working as a professional, do you really want this to haunt you? When you smoke weed, you just feel sleepy,... Read More »