Should i try weed just ONCE?

Answer Absolutely not you'll get addicted and kill your brain cells and end a heroin addict and drop out of school and live in the streets and overdose and die!Kidding. Weed isn't physically addictive, th... Read More »

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Im about to smoke weed tomorow , just for once but im not sure if i should. just once!?

DOn't make such a big deal out of it!! Weed is fun, it's a pary favor it's not crack cocaine If your trying it for one experience, good luck - weed doesn't even effect people the first time they tr... Read More »

I just got my wisdom teeth taken out two days ago; should I be able to smoke weed tomorrow?

Nope I dont think so you should wait longer.

What should you do if you're 15 and may have gotten your friend pregnant if you aren't a couple but just had sex once?

Answer Well, i would say you should just be there for her because it's happened already & there's nothing u can do about it.Abortion isn't an answer to your dilemma at the moment.All u have to do i... Read More »

Can Just mix weed and oil and put it in the microwave to make weed oil?

When ever I want to make a garlic or Herb oil. I just soak the herb in a small bottle for a week or two in the type of oil I want to use. Example Olive oil, Grape seed Oil, Coconut oil, etc.I ke... Read More »