Should i trust

Answer It is true that Wikipedia provides false information. It is also true that it provides true information. It also provides true information but presented in such a way that is confusing to understan... Read More »

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Should I trust LimeWire?

Ugh..You people are.. ugh. (I mean the people who are all "LIMEWIRE = VIRUSES DONT DOWNLOAD" )First, say you search up a song and 50 things come up.Some are 2-5 MBs, some are like 2 KB.Stay away fr... Read More »

Should I trust google+?

They text you verification info. Facebook does the exact same. Also you could use the same account for google voice then if you want.As for trusting them, I won't trust any social network with my p... Read More »

Should you trust the Air Force?

There are plenty of people who will tell you to never trust a recruiter. And I would have to agree with them. If your recruiter tells you something or promises you anything that seems awkward make ... Read More »

Should I trust my virus scanner?

Yes, you're going about it the right way too. Use multi-layer programs such as 2-3 separate anti-virus and antispyware programs to insure that you don't get caught in the "easy system" mode.By that... Read More »