Should i treat my own termites?

Answer On One Hand: You Can Do It YourselfNew products allow homeowners to prevent infestation without calling pest control. Popular Mechanics says if you've seen termites or know they are in your neighbo... Read More »

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How do I treat Formosan termites?

Locate the NestsTreat Formosan termite infestation by understanding the type of termite you are trying to eliminate. Formosan termites are considered subterranean termites and, therefore, regular f... Read More »

How do I treat air-borne termites with boric acid?

Prepare SolutionGo to the store, and buy boric acid--an ingredient of Borax--dissolved in propylene glycol (for instance, Bora-Care). Mix a solution if you can't locate it, using propylene glycol--... Read More »

How often should you spray for termites?

According to North Carolina State University, each application of termiticides should effectively prevent termites for five to 10 years. Manufacturer instructions must be followed carefully when ap... Read More »

How Often Should a Home Be Treated for Termites?

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