Should i treat my own termites?

Answer On One Hand: You Can Do It YourselfNew products allow homeowners to prevent infestation without calling pest control. Popular Mechanics says if you've seen termites or know they are in your neighbo... Read More »

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How do I treat Formosan termites?

Locate the NestsTreat Formosan termite infestation by understanding the type of termite you are trying to eliminate. Formosan termites are considered subterranean termites and, therefore, regular f... Read More »

How do I treat air-borne termites with boric acid?

Prepare SolutionGo to the store, and buy boric acid--an ingredient of Borax--dissolved in propylene glycol (for instance, Bora-Care). Mix a solution if you can't locate it, using propylene glycol--... Read More »

If you have your IFAK available to treat an Airman suffering from a heat emergency Which item will you most likely utilize to treat the victim?

Ceralyte----------------IFAKs are used to treat trauma. Use your canteen and the water in it to treat a heat emergency.

How to Get Rid of Termites?

Out of all the countless insects, rodents, critters and other pests that disturb and discomfort homeowners everywhere, none is more dangerous than the termite. Only termites can singlehandedly ruin... Read More »