Should i throw up what i ate tonight?

Answer NO.That is disgusting not to mention very unhealthy. You won't gain weight from one little feast, and even if you did it will shed off right away again if you do not make these feasts a routine.D... Read More »

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What fast food should i stop at tonight for dinner and what should i get from there that is EXTRA yummy?

Whatever makes you happy! After working all day, you deserve your favorite comfort food, whatever that may be. We all have one that is our personal favorite, so just let your instincts guide you. T... Read More »

What should I do for my son b-day throw him a b-day party or just go to chuck e cheese?

You could all use a break, so take him out. There will be plenty of things for him to do and you won't have to clean up.

What should I wear tonight for my guy?

What should I wear tonight?

wear this…Holy should wear this…