Should i thin my paint when painting my walls?

Answer On One Hand: Paint Should Be Ready To Go As IsYour paint should be ready to go as is so you don't need to thin it out. explains that the performance of your paint may not be as... Read More »

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How do I paint walls without painting the ceiling?

Painter's TapePick up painter's tape at a home supply store. It's usually blue and is similar to masking tape in feel and texture. Place it on your ceiling against the edges of the wall. Apply in s... Read More »

I want to paint my unborn nephew a painting to hang in his nursery i dont know what to paint though what are some cute baby boy stuff to paint?

Zoo animals like a giraffe, lion, monkey, zebra or an elephant are quite popular in nursery artwork or also a dinosaur especially for boys.Also a trains, cars or sports for boys.And letters and num... Read More »

Can I Paint Flat Paint Over Freshly Painted Satin Paint on Interior Walls?

Do-it-yourselfers can paint over walls coated with freshly applied satin paint. However, they should understand a few points before they begin, or they are likely to end up with peeling or bleed-th... Read More »

Can I paint flat paint over freshly painted satin paint on interior walls?

On One Hand: Sheen FactorsFlat and satin paint possess two different qualities referred to as the sheen of the paint. IndoBase describes the sheen as, "the amount of light reflected off the painted... Read More »