Should i take whey protein before and after i workout?

Answer What Are The Best Times To Take Whey Protein To Really Pack On The Muscle?That is it’s digestibility rate. Whey protein isolate for example (the purest form of whey protein), is one of the fastes... Read More »

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Is it okay to take a protein shake before and after workout?

traditional wisdom is carbs before, protein after.

Can i use my six star pro nutrition whey protein plus elite series after my workout?

Sure. but there are better ways to fulfill your protein requirements. Whey is not very healthy. And its manufacture is not all that appealing. Something about baby cows stomachs. If you're working ... Read More »

Should I continue to take whey protein if I'm taking creatine?

I always take my creatine before i work out and my protien after

Should I take 2 whey protein shakes on training days?

It depends on how big you are and how much you work out if your not that big and dont work out much the protein will be waste you will just wee it out