Should i take tylenol or sinus tablets for a sinus headache?

Answer sinus tablets.

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What is tylenol sinus?

Sold by McNeil Consumer Healthcare, Tylenol Sinus is an oral medication available over-the-counter without a doctor's prescription. Tylenol Sinus is indicated for the relief of symptoms caused by a... Read More »

Difference between a migraine tension headache and a sinus headache?

Migraine and sinus headaches are two fairly common maladies that can make life miserable. Though occasionally they are confused because of some similar symptoms, their causes and remedies are very ... Read More »

Is it safe to take Tylenol sinus while pregnant?

There are some anxiety medications that can be taken while pregnant, but you should always discuss your options with your doctor.

Anyone had a sinus headache?

Get a washcloth wet, wring out some of the water and nuke for a couple minutes. Remove and let cool enough to lay it across your face, forehead, cheeks. Lay back and rest, the moist heat will help ... Read More »