Should i take this protein?

Answer no. shortcuts will never be as healthy or effective as the normal, old-fashioned way. you don't need any protein supplement. Just healthy food. And don't get me started on diet pills.

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How much protein should i take?

for building muscles naturally - 5 -6 days a week of weightlifting is too much, you need recovery days, that is when you actually grow. 4 day split program will work great. train a day take a day o... Read More »

When should you take protein powder?

Power lifters and bodybuilders are always looking for a way to add muscle without adding fat. Muscle is made from protein and so power lifters and bodybuilders focus on getting more protein into th... Read More »

Should you take protein powder when working out?

On One Hand: Protein Builds MuscleProtein powder is a good source of protein for building muscles. Protein in powder form is a soluble protein and is easily absorbed by muscles when they are growin... Read More »

Should i take whey protein before and after i workout?

What Are The Best Times To Take Whey Protein To Really Pack On The Muscle?That is it’s digestibility rate. Whey protein isolate for example (the purest form of whey protein), is one of the fastes... Read More »