Should i take showers in the morning or night?

Answer I like to take my showers at night because you can rinse off the dirt, grime and sweat of the day as well has any products you put on your skin like makeup, perfume and sunscreen. Doing this makes ... Read More »

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If your 12 yr old son has a temp of 102.7 and has been sick since last night Should you take him to the ER or can you wait until morning to take him if he isn't larthagic and only has mild flu symptom?

If he is 12 years old it is safe to wait till morning if he is otherwise normal. Symptoms to be taken seriously are vomiting, abdominal pain, irritability, drowsiness and severe headache.

Should I shower the night before school or the morning of school?

it is best to do both. but morning is fine because you'll feel refreshed, awake, and smell good!!!trust me i take a bath in the morning everyday!

Should you take Lexapro at night?

On One Hand: Taking Lexapro in the MorningLexapro, a medication used for the treatment of depression and anxiety, can be taken in the morning, at night or both. While taking it in the morning allow... Read More »

I bought a new mouse, and this morning I found some droppings on my keyboard. Should I take it back?