Should i take more Salt with my food!?

Answer Actually most people get more than enough salt just from eating carbs like bread and pasta--salt is used in making them. Since you're active, you might need to replenish your electrolytes overall,... Read More »

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Best salt to use on food?

Salt is salt is salt. I used iodized salt for cooking and baking and general table salt.I use sea salt when I want to taste a bit of salt--salad greens for example.I use non-iodized salt in cannin... Read More »

Does the baby food contain salt?

No, baby food does not contain salt.

What does salt do to food...a lot of people dont know this?

Its a preservative I think, makes food last longer.

What does salt do to gives taste...its a seasoning like pepper?

It does several things1) It seasons food and it's a flavor enhancer for the other profiles of the dish2) It draws moisture out (like cured meats or cured salmon)3) it's a slows down yeast activity... Read More »