Should i switch to vista ?

Answer OMG no no no.Vista is bad,vista is evil - trust me lol but it is!! i had so many problems with it- compatibility on downloading games etc,blue screen of death 15 times a day.I've just spent ( well ... Read More »

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After i switch off my pc, i dont switch off the ups. is that bad. should it be turned off or left on.?

No, you should leave the UPS on 24x7 - this keeps it charged and ready to go when you need it.Frankly, I don't turn off the computers I have - but you can if you want to save money on your electric... Read More »

Have You Made The Switch From XP To Vista?

How to Switch Between English & French on Windows Vista?

Windows Vista is an operating system with many regional versions, which means that the language that the operating system displays will be the same as the language of the area in which you purchase... Read More »

How do i access switch users on windows vista home?

Click the "Start" button, which is the circle with the Windows logo inside it at the lower-left corner of the screen.Click the small square with an arrow next to the "Lock" button on the "Start" me... Read More »