Should i start wearing thongs (im 14)?

Answer I think if you want to start wearing a thong, go for it. Its your business. I don't believe any catholic school teacher will reprimand you for your underwear choice. Knowing Catholic school teach... Read More »

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Would my mom accept me wearing thongs?

Should I start wearing makeup?

If you don't feel comfortable with the idea of wearing makeup, then you certainly don't have to. It's not for everyone. I find it mildly disturbing that your mother would tell you "it's time to" ... Read More »

Women's question: Do you find wearing thongs uncomfortable and do you wear them?

I always wear them, i find them more comfortable than full briefs, i hate it when full ones ride up your butt cheek.

What age should I start wearing makeup?

any middle school age, so from about 11 to 14 maybei'm assuming you're young, so keep the make-up light =]just a little eyeshadow or mascara and lip gloss at first maybe?