Should i start using crutches?

Answer any way to relieve pressure will always help--i have a cousin who also broke his ankle (but he is in a regular plaster cast), and although he still walks on it (he was given a walking attachment, t... Read More »

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What crutches would chose to use fore arm crutches or auxillary?

Do you have an injury which requires the use of crutches?Elbow crutches are easier to use.

Do i need crutches?

No, only if you broke it, the only way to make it better is if you keep walking on it and if you don't your legs will get really stiff. Went through physical exercise myself.

Is there anything fun to do while on crutches?

Ya, go swiming!!! It will help a lot... Riding is great as well, but most can't do it...

Would You Ever Go Out on Crutches for Fun?

Yeah! Ive done it. In case I ever hurt myself I would be all set! I used to use them as stilts too! One time, and I know its not cool but my friends was playing in a wheelchair and we were pushing ... Read More »