Should i start to wear concealer easy 10 points!?

Answer Your early i think instead use face-cleansers ? That would help because concealers make ur skin more peachy if u want that go for that ;) if u do get a concealer i wud reccomend like avon , loreal ... Read More »

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Easy points, what to wear on picture day?

Nothing cringe-worthy. Try to think how it will look 20y down the road when you're showing it to your children. Always choose stylish over trendy.

EASY POINTS: What not to wear at high school?

It's not bad to wear baggy clothes to school, just make sure that your clothes aren't completely taking over your body and making you look frumpy! For me, I prefer natural-looking makeup for school... Read More »

I have VERY red and dry cheeks. which Should I do first, Foundation, Reg. Concealer or Green Concealer?

STEER CLEAR OF GREEN CONCEALER UNLESS YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL MAKE-UP ARTIST!!!So many people mess up with green concealer, whether that is to cover their red acne or something else. If your cheeks ... Read More »

What iPod should i get easy ten points!?

Let me lay it down Straight.Ipod touch 2nd gen.(8gb,16gb,32gb)#1.)Built-in speakers (10/10 loudness, 9/10 clarity)#2.)Touch screen#3.)apps,,music,photos,videos,youtube,…#4.)Speaker setting on sid... Read More »