Should i start a video blog on youtube?

Answer I think you should for sure. But right now you have to decide that you are doing it for you, because there will be trolls that will comment on your thing negatively just because they think it is fu... Read More »

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How do i start a video blog?

You can get an Youtube Channel there you can share your gaming ideas and get more visitors from it.Share this video through video blog.So you will get popularity and visitors from both sources.

What are some good, weird, and funny topics for a YouTube blog video?

You can talk about all the stupid questions one sees on Yahoo Answers....Like: the people who think that adding drums to a COPYRIGHTED song, will make it no longer copyrighted....otherwise, do what... Read More »

How to Start a Youtube Video Making Group?

Have you ever wanted to create a YouTube channel for you and your friends to share like t.A.M. Studios or TugBug1? Well, I'll tell you how!

Youtube won't let me fast foward videos Keeps sending me to the start of the video?

Dont listen to these other guys. I am having the same problems. So are alot of other people. I was able to watch and skip through 1080p videos easily and out of no where these past couple days it w... Read More »