Should i send a debt validation after a summons?

Answer On One Hand: Consider your PositionAccording to, you should first carefully consider your position. If you agree that you owe money, you indicate this when you answer a summons. If you ... Read More »

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What is validation of debt?

Debt collection is big business and is only growing. Creditors who are looking to downsize are assigning and selling debt to collection agencies. But debts need to be validated before they can be c... Read More »

Debt Validation & Credit Repair?

For individuals whose credit rating suffers due to one or more collection accounts appearing within their credit reports, debt validation may be an effective method of credit repair. Debt validatio... Read More »

How to Negotiate Debt With Attorney Summons?

If you have been notified of legal action being taken against you, you've got a tough road ahead. When a creditor files a suit against you in civil court, they are no longer serious about collectin... Read More »

Should I Send a Thank-You Email After an Interview?

A computer is designed to operate quite effectively as a stand-alone device. However, users can add certain components to a PC to enhance its functionality. This is often done through the use of ex... Read More »