Should i sell my condo or try to rent it&buy a larger home?

Answer On One Hand: Renting Can Be ProfitableBy renting your condo, you turn that home into an asset and income stream. Each month that it's full, rent pays for the mortgage on the condo, allowing you to ... Read More »

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Should I Sell My Condo or Try to Rent It & Buy a Larger Home?

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Can you over ride Condo bylaws and rent it out because for two years it sat vacant because you could not sell the Condo now you are renting it even though the bylaws say you cannot rent it out?

You can negotiate with the board and ask for a rental exception. You may be required to prove a 'hardship' so that the exception can be granted.It's a better idea to work with the association's off... Read More »

Should I Sell or Rent My Condo When I Move?

Homeowner associations were created to help preserve property values in neighborhoods, while promoting unity and harmony amongst neighbors. About 60 million people reside in about 305,000 associati... Read More »

Can a condo association sell your home if you owe them money?

Possibly.Read your governing documents to determine your responsibilities to pay your assessments, and your board's rights and responsibilities to collect those monies, including selling your unit ... Read More »