Should i seal my basement floor before i carpet?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, You ShouldBasement floors are concrete, which is a porous material. The floor can absorb water from the ground soil, which can expand and crack the concrete if it freezes. If you ... Read More »

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How do I seal a hydrostatic basement floor?

Prepare the FloorClean the floor thoroughly for maximum sealant adhesion. Remove oil and other stains, and smooth out any rough or high spots. Fill in any cracks or low spots with patching cement, ... Read More »

Can you install carpet tiles on a basement floor?

According to the Trafficmaster website, carpet tiles are suitable for basements. However, they should only be installed in basements that don't have moisture problems, as moisture and mold growth w... Read More »

Will a ceramic tile floor make a basement floor cold?

According to Ceramic Tile and Stone Consultants, ceramic tiles respond to temperatures, and even expand and contract as temperatures change. Since temperatures underground are cooler, tile on a bas... Read More »

Will a concrete floor make the basement floor cold?

Concrete--like natural stone and ceramic tile--will be colder than wood flooring or carpet. If no direct sunlight rays are being absorbed by the concrete floor, your basement space will be colder.R... Read More »