Should i sand my cutting board?

Answer On One Hand: Cheaper Than Buying a New OneA quality cutting board made of quality wood or bamboo may be worth saving. If the damage to it is mainly surface damage, (i.e. no deep groves or splitting... Read More »

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Which kind of cutting board is safest for cutting meat&poultry?

According to studies done at UC Davis, both plastic and wood cutting boards are safe, provided they are scrubbed with hot water and soap. In the case of scarring because of a sharp knife, wood actu... Read More »

Why bleach a cutting board after cutting raw chicken?

Raw chicken can contain harmful bacteria that is killed when cooked thoroughly. A cutting board that has been used to cut raw chicken can contaminate other food. Bleach disinfects cutting boards by... Read More »

Can I oil my cutting board with vegetable oil?

Vegetable and olive oils are not recommended for use on cutting boards. Over time, these oils will turn rancid and smell of spoiled oil. Instead, use a food-grade mineral oil, such as USP-grade min... Read More »

How do i clean a cutting board?

Wooden and BambooWipe your wooden or bamboo cutting board with a wet cloth. Add a drop of liquid dish soap to the cloth to remove stains and odors. Rinse the board with cool water. No not immerse t... Read More »