Should i right some nonsense on wikipedia?

Answer YEAYA go for itmost of the stuff is nonsense anyways!

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Have you seen this nonsense on Wikipedia?

I like to assume that when people ask a question, they genuinely don't know the answer. In America, believing this of you is quite easy. Can you point to your hometown on a world map? Can you at le... Read More »

For some reason the top part of my ear is not healing right due to a piercing what should i do?

take the piercing OUT. you could be allergic to the metal or it could have gotten badly infected. trust me, you dont want a cartilage infection. take it out, go to the doctor because if your cartil... Read More »

If we edit a wikipedia page and we add some wrong information in that page,will it be deleted by wikipedia?

More experienced users are notified of changes to pages that relate to their specialty, and they review them accordingly. If your information is simply lacking sources or inaccurate, it can be dele... Read More »

I think Wikipedia shouldn't be edited by everyone. I think Wikipedia should tell only the truth about things?

The thing that makes Wikipedia stand out is the fact that any person can edit the information on there. There are already enough online encyclopedias and dictionaries out there edited by profession... Read More »