Should i replace my broken pc with a laptop or get another pcIs internet more expensive on a laptop?

Answer If you are doing serious work get a desktop machine with a decent monitor keyboard and mouse.if you are just browsing the Internet and sending a few emails then get a laptop.Which ever machine you ... Read More »

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My laptop just broke and now I need to replace it. Where can I find a good one that is not expensive?

If I was you, this is the best value out there, and I have the same Exact one, you will fall in love with this Machine immediately, it has 4 GB Ram, 320GB HD, Cntrino 2 p7350, 18.5" HD Screenhttp:/... Read More »

How much does it cost to replace a broken laptop screen?

The cost of replacing a broken laptop screen can vary dramatically. If you choose to have the replacement performed by the manufacturer, a retailer or a computer repair business, the cost can easil... Read More »

How do you manually replace a broken lcd screen for Toshiba Laptop?

Here are the simply steps you should follow to Remove LCD screen from Toshiba Laptop: 1. Remove two LCD mask seals. Remove two screws hidden under seals. 2. Put your fingers between the mask and t... Read More »

Can i use my laptop as a wireless router and transmit the internet connection wirelessly to another laptop?

It can be done fairly easily in Windows XP. There is a detailed guide on Microsoft's website:…