Should i quit weed for a year or two?

Answer keep the weed fresh for a year? weed starts loseing its thc in 2 weeks after a mouth it almoust compleatly impotent

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Should I quit smoking weed?

A lot of the effects of smoking marijuana are short-term, which is why many people don't see it as a big deal. These include distorted perception, loss of memory and coordination, increased heart r... Read More »

My boyfriend has smoked weed for 5 yrs since he was 14. He has quit now. Should he still be able to have kids?

My husband has smoked it SINCE he was 15. He's 40 and we have three, healthy kids. 14, 11, and 3 years old. (he doesn't smoke much now, and not around the kids at all, in case you were wondering.I'... Read More »

If you quit smoking should you just quit coffee with it in the morning?

No way !! I'm not giving up either. It would be like giving up breathing and eating

What should you do if you smoke quit don't quit?

Well, you decide for yourself after reading below of what smoking truly does to people. Cigarette smoking is the major cause of preventable deaths in the U.S. On the average, people who smoke die ... Read More »