Should i quit weed for a year or two?

Answer keep the weed fresh for a year? weed starts loseing its thc in 2 weeks after a mouth it almoust compleatly impotent

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How can i quit smoking weed !!?

your in a tough position since everyone around you does it. When i stopped doing other kinds of drugs and was around people doing it i just reminded myself that i dont want that feeling and would r... Read More »

Should I quit smoking weed?

A lot of the effects of smoking marijuana are short-term, which is why many people don't see it as a big deal. These include distorted perception, loss of memory and coordination, increased heart r... Read More »

How do you quit smoking weed?

you're not addicted...just stop smoking and convince yourself that you are making a choice that will positively affect your future...i used to smoke i can let several months go by be... Read More »

How can i quit smoking weed?

if you don't buy it you wont smoke it, she's too uptight, why don't you come by my place and i'll show you how a real woman kicks it