Should i put my social security number on fraud alert PLEASE HELP!!!?

Answer An official fraud alert requires a bit more serious event to happen.Although you have concerns about the data in transit, the more serious aspect would be the end-point: you have no way of knowing ... Read More »

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Is putting down a wrong Social Security number fraud?

Using the wrong Social Security number is at the top of the list of the most common tax mistakes. If a mistake is made, no crime has been committed. However, knowingly using a Social Security numbe... Read More »

Why should you safeguard your Social Security number?

The United States government issues Social Security numbers to keep track of people who pay U.S. income tax. Because it stays the same for your entire life, other government agencies and private co... Read More »

Social Security Administration Fraud Act?

The Social Security Administration (Fraud) Act was passed in the United Kingdom in 1997 in an effort to amend previous laws regarding offenses of to social security fraud.

Social Security & Disability Fraud?

The Social Security Administration's Office of Inspector General was established in 1995. The Inspector General is responsible for investigating and preventing fraud, waste and abuse within the dif... Read More »