Should i put a video of me playing guitar on Youtube?

Answer I'll watch, if you're leaving home soon you've nothing to lose, if it's good, you'll be able to come back home with your head held high, if not your best bet is to creep back when the neighbours ar... Read More »

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How do you become well known on "YouTube" for playing the Guitar?

Well advert is really helping people worldwide. Well on youtube itself you cant but on sites which have links to youtube would be a great idea. Plus create attractive tutorials with the words "easy... Read More »

What is a good device for video recording myself playing guitar?

Well however you do it you will need a mic. Dont get usb there terrible. A good one can be had for about pounds philips or Sony. There are other brands too. Those are the ones i know. Download aud... Read More »

How to keep youtube video playing on Ipad 2?

If you use the YouTube app, you can start the song, exit out of the app and then double tap the home button and scroll to the left and click play and it will play your song and you can browse the w... Read More »

How do I stop those annoying ads on youtube from playing while I watch a video?

There is probably some complicated way to hack the software or what not but I have a way better option.1. Download Google Chrome and use it considering it is hands down the best web browser out the... Read More »