Should i out Extra Virgin Olive Oil in my hair every week,?

Answer Put it in your hair whenever you want! It won't hurt you and infact it's really good for your hair as it makes it more shiny when you wash your hair and makes your hair more healthy!Answer mine? ht... Read More »

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How to Press Hair With Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Extra virgin olive oil is widely recognized for its many health benefits. In addition, women all over the world have come to enjoy incorporating olive oil into their beauty regimen. The moisturizin... Read More »

Extra virgin olive oil for hair 10pts?

Both are fine but the more expensive one would probably be better since it could be organic or not be as processed.

How to Make Your Hair Silky Smooth With Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Need to make your hair gorgeous, fast? All you really need are a few simple kitchen ingredients. This 30-minute fix-it can do a world of wonder in no time.

When making NY style pizza dough, should you use extra virgin olive oil or regular olive oil?

Normally use olive oil unless EVOO is specified.EVOO is the dearest and the best, and is best used as a dressing if you like that olive taste.A drizzle could be added to the top of a pizza if you w... Read More »