Should i loose any weight?

Answer No you have no reason to. Sounds like you are just fine.Make sure you stay physically active and that you eat a healthy diet. Remember that at your age, your body will start to store small amount... Read More »

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My name is Caleb and is my weight good for me I'm 6'1, 200 pounds or 90.7 kg. Should I loose weight?

At 6 1. 200 pounds is great. Check your bmi. if its under 27 then your good.

I need to loose weight. What should I do?

u r doin it wrong!u hav 2 eat a good breakfast!that will help u eat less during the day..... is better 2 eat few amount of food a lot times at day than eat just once a lot at the day..... and the ... Read More »

What should my calorie intake be to loose weight?

It would be better if you ate 1,200 calories a day. You won't go into starvation mode. You need to eat about 6 meals a day. Breakfast important about 300 calories max - then Lunch something healthy... Read More »

I am 5 ft. I weigh 100 pounds. How much weight should I loose?