Should i learn piano?

Answer On One Hand: Learning to Play Piano Has BenefitsStudies have shown that learning to play the piano benefits not only children, but adults as well. Playing the piano is a creative outlet, and it can... Read More »

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Should I learn piano or guitar?

Piano is easier and you won't have to have really quick fingers to play it. Guitar takes a little more to get used to. But it all comes down to one thing. What do you like better? It's all up t... Read More »

How to Learn the Piano Keyboard?

Learning the piano keyboard takes time. Simply looking at the instrument and memorizing where each key is located is not enough. Playing the piano helps to apply what you have learned and furthers ... Read More »

How to Learn the Basics of the Piano?

Learning to play the piano requires discipline, motivation and practice. It is a skill and cannot be learned overnight. It also involves a lot of trial and error. Although some say that playing the... Read More »

Can you learn piano on a keyboard?

You can learn how to play piano on a keyboard. A keyboard is often less expensive than an acoustic piano; it has a variety sound choices, and it takes up less space. These qualities make the keyboa... Read More »