Should i keep applying polysporn to a burn?

Answer You need to keep it clean and protected, so a loose gauze bandage might be necessary, depending on the size of the exposed tissue under the skin. I would not apply the polysporin - it could actual... Read More »

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I keep getting emails on how to pay off credit cards. loans, etc. by applying for Federal Grants. Scam or not?

Anytime someone sends YOU an email like this it is to be considered SPAM and should be deleted immediately.

Will applying to the william d ford foundation for a buyback of my defualting student loan keep my income tax?

When you say "buyback" I am assuming you are talking about doing a consolidation to get your loans out of default. If you consolidate, your loans will no longer be considered to be in default. Sin... Read More »

I need to burn a song onto a CD. But whenever I click the burn button, it just ejects the CD What should I do?

I would try putting all of it in one folder, then burn the folder...

Should I mention I'm a vegan when applying for a job?

YOu're lying. IN other posts you mention that you eat meat.