Should i install ie7 yet?

Answer Yes

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Should I give in to my girlfriend and install a Vista partition or should I make her learn Linux?

Hey seriously I am lucky, my girl friend has her own laptop so I don't have to install another OS for her. I suggest u show her compiz fusion first, show her Linux's eye candy. I am sure that will ... Read More »

If a lineman can install 12 insulators in 183/4 hours, how many insulators should he be able to install?

Simplify everything first:18 3/4 hours = 13.5 hours total to install 12. this means he installs .888 insulators per hour (decimals don't matter till you interpret the answer later.)28 1/8 hours = 3... Read More »

Should I re-install windows?

Don't reinstall. Go for recovery if you are using XP or Vista.

Should you install java?

On One Hand: It Is Probably UnnecessaryJava is a programming language used to run certain types of computer programs, most of which are internet-based. While Java is necessary to run certain progra... Read More »