Should i have tipped this waitress?

Answer IMHO, you could have handled it better. You had her take it back the first time, which is good. When she brought you the creamy Italian, you should have said right there that you do not want the ... Read More »

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I'm a waitress, should I quit because of swine flu I dont have to work and I have a 4 yr old. Im so scared...?

Things could always change, but as it stands right now your little girl is far more likely to get hurt in a car accident then get the swine flu. Sol are you going to no longer ride in cars?

How much should a cleaning lady be tipped?

Determining the amount to tip a cleaning lady involves assessing the quantity and type of work she does. If you want to tip a hotel housekeeper, leave two to five dollars per night of your stay. If... Read More »

After getting a MASSAGE, should the therapist be tipped?

How much should you tip a waitress?

According to a CNN Money article, you should tip a waiter or waitress 15 percent of the pre-tax bill if the service is adequate and 20 percent if it is very good. The article says you should tip no... Read More »