Should i have crispy duck tonight or go for something diffrent for a change?

Answer Mmmhh Crispy duck sounds good. If you like an in betweenie try this. Go to the supermarket and buy chinese ribs made up and ready to cook. Using a chopper chop up the ribs till they are nice and bi... Read More »

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How can I get my skin to have that nice, crispy, leathery glow like all the women on Entertainment Tonight?

Just move to Florida and quit using the lotion...

Why do ppl look good in some angles while taking pictures but look diffrent at diffrent angles?

There are several reasons, so here goes:-- Photos are two-dimensional, rather than the three-dimensional view you get courtesy of your two eyes set a couple inches apart. Poses that create an illus... Read More »

Is hamtaro why is Penelope always yellow or well why is she diffrent then the other hamster her looks ar diffrent then the other hamster why arent the other yellow?

Penelope actually looks like all the other hamsters, but she's still a baby. She is very shy and wears a yellow blanket because of her shyness. I hope that answers your question. :)

Would you like to vote for Donald Duck as the sexiest duck alive?

As I stated before on various other occasions I would rather prefer to vote for his alter ego Paperinik (aka Phantomias, Duck Avenger, Superduck, PK, Superdonald or Phantom Duck). His outfit is so ... Read More »