Should i have called 911?

Answer yes you did the right thing. when a child gets trapped or stuff somewhere and at any time they become too quiet, unresponsive, etc. you should call 911. I'm a paramedic we are trained that when a c... Read More »

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On my tv i have this audio option called AVL. so what is it and should i have it on?

AVL = Audio Volume LevelerAVL maintains a consistent sound level set by the viewer regardless of the channel or program. If you find yourself constantly changing the volume (ie turning it down for... Read More »

I have a procedure called clamshell clamp for my heart. I have what's called ventricular septal Deffect. I?

Did you seriously have this procedure without asking these questions from your actual doctor first?That's the person you need to be talking to.

Should photos that have been altered so drastically/dramatically in photoshop still be called photographyOr?

No - I believe that digitally manipulated photographs should have another name to differentiate the art of the photograher. I have taken both beautiful and unusual photographs & would find it ins... Read More »

Which Bandage should I use What's it called What should I do so it heals?

Read my reply when you reposted the question.