Should i got to the dentist about my wobbly tooth?

Answer if the teeth you got taken out were close to the fang then there is probably no problem.if not...tell them

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My adult tooth is wobbly after premolars tooth extraction More details.?

im in dental school to start off, this sounds pretty simple, when he pulled your premolars or bicuspids a space is left for teeth to move, they therefore become wobbly as they shift into place and ... Read More »

Wobbly tooth issue!!.?

Should a dentist cut into the bone to put a crown on a cracked tooth?

Answer No, a dentist shouldn't be cutting into the bone to put a crown on. You may have misunderstood what they were doing. If you are unsure of what was done ask that it be explained better to y... Read More »

Possible fractured tooth WHO should I go see general dentist or endodontist?

My mom had a fractured tooth and went to a general dentist!So to answer your question, general dentist.