Should i go to the doctor for my knee?

Answer Go to your dentist

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What to do when the doctor won't do anything about my knee?

Get a second opinion. Go to another doctor and see what he says.

What will I do at my knee doctor app.?

I highly recommend you see an orthopedist (aka an orthopedic surgeon) (bone and joint doctor). They specialize in this specific area and will provide the most/best help. Skip the family doc or hosp... Read More »

I really hurt my knee, should i see a doctor?

It sounds like you have something called a Baker's cyst. This is a fluid collection behind the knee- it gives a feeling of fullness behind the knee. The treatment is primarily anti-inflammatory med... Read More »

I'm having little stiffness in the knee, what doctor should I go to?

What makes you feel that it is a diet problem? The knee is complex and you need a proper examination. A GP is a good idea if you feel that there is a biochemical cause rather than a biomechanical... Read More »