Should i go to hospital and have my finger looked at , as had accident ?

Answer Get it looked at ASAP.

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How do i find the name of the hospital after an accident?

PoliceContact the police department that responded to the scene of the accident. The department can look up the location and time of the accident and draw a conclusion about the name of the hospita... Read More »

My gf says that only whimps go to the hospital, but I think I've broken my finger. What should I do?

break her finger and tell her she is "wimp" if she goes to the hospital, seriously i would get it checked out, she obviously doesn't care about you

If you chop someones finger off by accident, can you reattatch it?

If you put the finger on ice right away and get to a doctor right away,it can be done

Computing help! I gave Gmail Motion the finger by accident and it crashed my computer. How do I avoid this?

if you give them the finger, it's one of their "hidden motions"....the finger causes your computer to crash,sticking your butt out to it causes your computer to get some giant worm,sticking your to... Read More »