Should i go to a doctor?

Answer This could be a bad urinary tract infection. The same exact thing happened to me when my bf and I first started having sex. Also, you could have an allergy to the condom or its lubricant, which ALS... Read More »

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When i am scratching my ear or cleaning it with a cutip, it's louder than it should be. Should I see a doctor?

Stick a pencil led/paper clip/needle/small screwdriver deep into your ear until you hear a pop. There might be some blood, but this is OK. Now pour any fluid into your ear and pour the water out of... Read More »

My doctor said I should have at most two martinis a night. What should the other 12 drinks be?

one burboun, one scotch and ten beers!!!!!

Should I take two of those stikin pills my doctor gace me" or should I take 30 pain killers to kill me?

take noneand add mesammy-lll@hotmail.comwe cant have another hannah bond story againmcr's music would be banned!just add me please or email medont do it, your not supposed to leave yethang in there... Read More »

Should I go to a doctor!!!!!!!?

Yes definitely go to the doctor. Even if it is just a virus or you're dehydrated, your doctor will be able to recommend the right medicine. I suggest you go these symptoms seem to be extreme, so ju... Read More »